Gentle Dead People (Fudo Kazuki remix)

by Sistra



I was asked by the band's management if I would like to remix one of their songs for their coming album of remixes and I gladly said yes. One of my friends promotors from Ukraine presented Sistra to me some time ago and did like their sound and songs. Sistra - Gentle Dead People, coming from a cold place in Russia and now settled down in Moscow, this band is so good on stage. The rhythm divine and energy you feel listening to them makes you go insane. Gentle Dead People has gotten into my heart and I set my mind to remix it.

Gentle Dead People was written while we (Sistra) were still living in Khabarovsk, RU and it was one completely different track. We've made a demo with some arrangements and lyrics, but didn't get too excited with the result.

The song was changed completely when the band moved to Moscow. One day at a rehearsal Roma brought a new bass idea we've built a new version of GDP around.

We wrote new English lyrics, kept the composition, beats and some rhythms. Guitar part was rewritten eventually to.
from Ykish, released 01 February 2014


released August 11, 2015
Emerging from the wilds of Far East Russia, where large rivers flow through impassible taiga forests, Sistra breathes a delightful mix of soft and tender melodies into their cold and restrained sound. Like many of the artists from Scandinavia and Iceland, Sistra's music evokes that feeling of the warm sun beaming through the snowflakes and bracing winds on the coldest days of the year. Yet with elements of post-punk, post-rock, indietronic, Scandinavian Balearics, and even trip-hop making their presence felt, Sistra's sound is all their own. Now based in Moscow, the success of their debut album, "Telegram Cloud", has paved the way for their new "Taiga" EP and soon to follow second album.




Fudo Kazuki Iceland

Fudo reflects religious part in me and Kazuki stands for the joy I have being able to write mostly my thought-of-a-day tunes from time to time. It is . I’m not a real musician, it’s more like a self-theraphy for me. I'm also running a label called Ultra Vague Recordings.

Fudo Kazukiっていうのも一種のステージネームみたいなものでね。Fudoは自分の信条的な部分を表していて、Kazukiっていうのは自分が時々描く音楽に対する喜び(一喜)を表してるんだ。僕は本。
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